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Generate CSV from SQL*Plus

February 17, 2020 Mike 0

Just a short post. How to quickly output to CSV when using SQL*Plus with Oracle. Save the following to a file export_to_csv.sql: Afterwards, log in […]

The Case for Ruby in 2019

October 9, 2019 Mike 0

In the JVM world, statically typed languages abound and the once lauded Groovy which was relegated to Gradle scripts is now being supplanted by a […]

Ruby on Rails Reading List

October 1, 2019 Mike 0

A brief post, friends, to focus my mind on two sources that I wish to read: I would like to learn to write […]

Insuretech adoption success

March 30, 2018 Mike 0

I read a great article¬†on the Daily Fintech by Stephen Goldstein talking about the relationship between Insuretech and Insurance companies and the impediments to a […]